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About Billington CyberSecurity

For over a dozen years, since the company’s founding in 2010, the senior most government officials and industry partners convene through Billington’s events to enhance the cybersecurity of the United States and our allied partners. International media have covered Billington’s events, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Financial Times, Bloomberg, Reuters, Politico, CNN, NBC, C-SPAN, etc. The summits regularly break important news that advance the cybersecurity of our government and critical infrastructure. Exclusive stories resulting from Billington CyberSecurity’s summits include:

  • The first keynote by the CEO of General Motors, together with the Secretary of Transportation, at a Billington summit that led to the announcement of the first industry-led cybersecurity standards for the auto sector and the move to autonomous vehicles the day before the Billington auto summit;
  • The first full-length Q&A with the then newly named Director of the NSA’s Cybersecurity Directorate;
  • One of the first public explanations of the “Defend Forward” plan in a keynote by General Nakasone in cyberspace that became a major pillar of the strategy that secured the elections against foreign nation states;
  • The first presentation to a US audience by the CEO of the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) who described the mission of the newly formed centralized cybersecurity organization in the United Kingdom, a model followed later by Canada and Australia and is often cited as an exemplar for the US;
  • The exclusive announcement by the Secretary of DHS about new cybersecurity standards in the transportation sector;
  • A major keynote by the then-President of Estonia describing the country’s efforts at repelling Russia’s cyber advances; and
  • The first public address at the same summit by Jeremy Fleming, the head of GCHQ, and General Paul Nakasone, DIRNSA and Commander, CYBERCOM/Chief, CSS.

In 2020, the company successfully pivoted to a virtual event and the last two year’s virtual summits generated record attendance and over 200 speakers from around the world. The events have forged unprecedented partnerships with our allied countries with speakers like the chiefs of GCHQ, the Australian Cyber Security Centre and Signals Directorate, the Canadian Cyber Security Center, the Israel National Cyber Directorate as well as senior leaders from Singapore, Japan, Germany and Kuwait. Distinguished venues where high level networking occur have included:

  • The British Parliament;
  • The British Ambassador’s Residence at the British Embassy;
  • The New Zealand Embassy;
  • The Embassy of Canada; and
  • The German Embassy.

Past speakers have included:

  • The past four NSA Directors and current NSA Director;
  • The current and previous Commanders of US Cyber Command;
  • The CIO, CISO and Director of the Digital Innovation Directorate at the CIA;
  • The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and the Current and Previous Director of CISA;
  • The President of Estonia; and
  • CIOs and CISOs from many agencies and corporations and many more.

For more information about how to sponsor or partner, please contact tkb@billingtoncybersecurity.com or kristin@billingtoncybersecurity.com.

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