New E-Book Gives Action Plan for Modernizing Cybersecurity Post-Pandemic

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With the continuing regularity, increased sophistication, and targeted nature of cyber-attacks, to federal, state, and local governments, the military, businesses, and the critical infrastructure, the need for trustworthy secure systems has never been more important to the long-term economic and national security interests of the United States. The pandemic has only accelerated our adoption of digital technology, while at the same time growing the complexity and interconnectedness of today’s IT. This has raised unique concerns about how to secure content beyond the perimeter or in a Zero Trust environment. This is quickly becoming a top challenge for IT professionals.

Look at two telling statistics from Risk Based Security Report that details the security risks:

  • 15.1 billion records exposed by breaches in 2019; and
  • 8.4 billion records were exposed in Q1 of 2020, a 273% increase over the same period.

So, what should be done? How can Zero Trust be implemented to help?

In January 2021, Adobe released a fascinating publication titled “Protecting content beyond the perimeter: The definitive guide to digital content security for government.”

The publication is broken into three chapters:

Chapter 1: Understanding the new digital security landscape

  • Securing content in the wild
  • The 5 core principles of Zero Trust
  • Understanding content security
  • Numbers to remember
  • Spotlight on rules and regulations

Chapter 2: Charting a course for success

  • The 3 pillars of content protection
  • Real-life examples

Conclusion: Building your action plan

  • Your strategic road map
  • Content security resources

This comprehensive guide explores the new digital security landscape, charting a course for success, and building a practical action plan.

It’s a quick, informative, practical guide you will want to read to understand how to secure the digital content that underlies our and your economic and national security competitiveness.


Tom Billington

Protecting content beyond the perimeter: The definitive guide to digital content security for government