Kuwait’s New Cybersecurity Strategy and Its $B in Cyber Investments

Kuwait has enacted an ambitious new cybersecurity strategy and is planning a $1 billion investment to support its security objectives.

    As Kuwait has developed its strategy, it has worked closely with counterparts in the U.S. and U.K. and the Kuwait strategy closely resembles the U.K.’s National Cyber Security Centre with centralized cybersecurity activities under one organization. The Kuwait strategy lays out a 3-year roadmap for cyber defense.

    A key objective of the strategy is to develop a national information sharing partnership including government agencies, the private sector and leading cyber security companies. This includes reaching out to cybersecurity vendors and highlights the importance of adopting essential technologies, building capabilities and improving the ability to deal with cyber security issues.

In the first U.S. speech on Kuwait’s new cybersecurity strategy, Mohammad Altura, Chief, Information Technology Sector, CITRA, Kuwait, will detail the country’s ambitious new strategy at the 3rd Annual Billington International Cybersecurity Summit, March 21, Washington, D.C. See the agenda here.