Gov’t IT Modernization Fund Moves One Step Closer to Reality

One of Rep. William Hurd’s top cybersecurity priorities took one step closer towards becoming law this week.

The Modernizing Government Technology, or MGT, Act which would create a government-wide IT modernization fund, was approved as part of the National Defense Authorization Act this week. The House passed the MGT in May, but it hadn’t moved in the Senate. The NDAA now goes to conference.

At last week’s Billington CyberSecurity Summit, Rep. Hurd tipped off the audience about the likelihood of the MGT being added as an amendment to the NDAA.  He called the current “use it or lose” requirements for purchasing IT goods and services “insane.”

The MGT would allow CIOs to take any savings from IT purchases and place them in a 3-year fund for further IT investment.

“Federal CIOs need to have the flexibility to purchase the IT goods and services they need in order to defend our digital infrastructure and to be more efficient,” Hurd said.

Hurd also called for greater information sharing between the government and the private sector and said the private sector has a better idea of where the threat is coming from than the government.

View Rep. Hurd’s entire keynote here.